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Are you having a large important birthday party or anniversary celebration? Or even a paid for Dinner Dance with a large number of people attending? Then this could be for you.

Event Prints will set up their studio at your celebration if required, photograph all of your guests in as many different poses and groups as they require, and print out as many 6x4 prints as we can within the 3 hour period we are there using our DNP printer. Remember, this includes unlimited prints within the 3 hour window. So everything we shoot is automatically printed.

You could even build this cost into the price of the ticket and give your guests a pleasant surprise. With 200 guests this would add only 2.25 onto the price of each ticket and each guest could theoretically take home 2 prints for this price.

We will use our Green Screen Technology to make the evening something a little different for your guest and pose them in St. Marks Square in Venice or in Front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Coliseum in Rome.

This is a fantastic selling point and proves incredibly popular and will have your quests talking about your Event for weeks to come.

 If you are a Corporate Body or a Hotel and are providing the Photographs  to your guest free of charge, Event Prints can even do provide some bespoke branding for you.

See Green Screen link for examples.

Please contact Event Prints for further details.


Event Prints are more than willing to photograph your charity event.

Generally we can either make a contribution top your charity based on a percentage of profits or a fixed lump sum.

As each charity is different, please contact us for additional information.