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Depending on the type of event you have planned, there are a number of different pricing options.

Option 1 9x6 prints for only 7.50 each

This option is intended for Black Tie and Dinner Dances, Graduations and School Proms etc. We offer 9x6 prints for 7.50 each. Each print comes in its own high quality strut mount. We occasionally have special offers such as buy 3 mounted prints and get 1 unmounted print free.

There is normally no fee for attending events.

If you are the event organiser and you are feeling generous, we can also tailor a package for you where you pay a fixed amount that will provide everyone at the event with a photograph. 

Please contact us for details.

Option 2 - 350 for 3 hours coverage including unlimited 6x4 prints

This option is ideal for anyone having a large important birthday party or anniversary celebration or even a paid for Dinner Dance with a large number of people attending.

Event Prints will set up their studio at your celebration if required, photograph all of your guests in as many different poses and groups as they require, and print out as many 6x4 prints as we can within the 3 hour period we are there using our DNP printer. Remember, this includes unlimited prints within the 3 hour window. So everything we shoot is automatically printed.

You could even build this cost into the price of the ticket and give your guests a pleasant surprise. With 200 guests this would add only 2.25 onto the price of each ticket and each guest could theoretically take home 2 prints for this price.

Please contact Event Prints for further details.

Option 3 Bespoke Quotations

Corporate Events usually require a bespoke quotation from Event Prints as the needs of every event usually varies.

Please contact Event Prints direct for a quotation